SOCi Social Health Check

Lead generating web app for social media promotion company SOCi.

The West Story

WebGL and Service Worker enhancements to a custom web-based slideshow app built with React.

The 10 Minute Progressive Web App

There are many frameworks and services that promise to turn your site into a Progressive Web App (PWA) easily. In practice, it’s really quite simple to do yourself. This article will walk you through the process of setting up a PWA so you can see how easily it can be applied to any website. Google’s... Read the full article

Presentation Breakdown


I don’t write code live when I present. Too much opportunity for mistakes. Instead, I use a series of sequential git branches and check each one out as I walk through the source. I’ve broken down Zeta Bros. into 13 steps. Each step takes 2-5 minutes which should fill the 60 minute slot nicely.

GZ Playground

Web experiments and other fun stuff

Web experiments and other fun stuff

Skippy Art

An HTML5 canvas app that simulates drawing in Skippy® peanut butter with your finger.

Theraflu Thermoscanner

Angular PWA featuring HTML5 canvas image manipulation from a thermal camera feed.

92Y VR Experience

An immersive Web VR video showcasing the future of 92Y.

ARcostume: A Progressive Web App

ARcostume isn’t unique in placing AR widgets over your body. But it moves the starting point of Augmented Reality from an app, to something physical you wear. It’s something you can talk about immediately and show people with just one instruction: “Scan the QR code”.

Level Refactor


Added “level” objects that extend the base GameScene object. The createPlatform and spawnBot methods are overridden to customize each level. I prefer this method to a config object because it lets me customize every aspect of the level if needed. Check out the video to see the 2 example levels.

Game Over Man!


Recycling the background and the font and, Viola, we have instant end-game scene. Right now it’s serving double-time as both a winning and losing screen.

ConEdison DSM

WordPress site featuring interactive virtual tour of an energy efficient building, custom data types and SalesForce integration.

Ivanka Trump Storefront

Website and ecommerce solution for the Ivanka Trump brand.

Estée Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness

Custom WordPress site built for the Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2017.

Create A Neural Network With TensorFlow.js

TensorFlow.js is an extremely powerful machine learning framework. But its demonstration apps can be a little intimidating for newcomers. I wanted to make a straightforward example of a model that demonstrates the basics of TensorFlow.js. In this article walks through a simple classification model which solves for XOR.

Intro Scene


Added an intro scene with the splash image I made a few weeks ago. It’ll need a “Start” button but for now just click anywhere.



Check out the video of gameplay so far. Secret underground bases need lots of levels. The label over the door indicates the level number. For now, it just repeats the same level while incrementing the number.

Jo Malone English Oak Experience

Custom website built for the Jo Malone English Oak product launch.

Sherwin-Williams Donate Your Color

A Chrome browser extension developed for the Sherwin-Williams Donate Your Color campaign.

Hulu – Come TV With US

HTML5 banner ad campaign for Hulu trade advertising.


Google’s Cardboard viewer standard has no standard control scheme. This is what led me to write nod.js, a simple gesture based event system for Google Cardboard enabled web apps. It uses device accelerometers to detect a sharp motion in one of four directions: up, down, left and right. With nod.js you can implement actions such as next, previous, confirm and cancel without the need for an external controller.

Security Bots


Some FPO security bot sprites. When the player collides with one the game restarts for now. Thinking about adding an electrical energy field around it to zap the player on contact.

Rough Draft


A first pass at the game with (mostly) FPO graphics. The idea is you’re escaping through the underground levels at Area 51, or perhaps that base in Dulce. You run around pressing switches on the wall which open the elevator door to the next level.

PC Walk Cycle


A rough first pass of Alpha Zeta’s walk cycle. This is a modified version of the one I created for Zeta Burger. Still needs work but good enough for the presentation if I run out of time. Gotta add the hat though.

Estée Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness

Custom WordPress site built for the Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2016.

Converse Counter Climate Banners

HTML5 banner ads for Converse “Counter Climate” campaign.

Gazprom Presentation Builder

Web based CMS for multi-media presentations on iPad and AppleTV