The Prize Inside Updated

When a burger is a burger, and fries make no difference, choose your fast food by The Prize Inside! The Prize Inside received a major update last week. Completely rebuilt from the ground up with a much more efficient UI and all-new commenting system. As always, The Prize Inside tracks fast food restaurants by their… Read the full article

Measure Your World In Terms Of Sharks

Using length of the shark from the movie “JAWS” as the base unit, everything in the universe can be measured in terms of JAWS. The JAWS system was first proposed by Writer/Director/Podcaster Kevin Smith of as a superior method of visualizing distances: From Smodcast #206 (1:04:00) ‘A newlywed bride who saw her husband killed… Read the full article

Facebook App Starter Kit – Now on GitHub

I recently moved my Facebook App Starter Kit (FASK) from Google Projects to GitHub. The move was mainly to play with GitHub but also to take advantage of their packaging and downloading features. FASK provides a ready made starting point for building facebook apps using the facebook javascript api. It’s built on the HTML5 Boilerplate… Read the full article

Facebook App Center: An App Developer’s Perspective

There’s certainly no shortage of app stores out there. Now facebook is getting into the game with their new App Center. The facebook App center will provide the same kind of one stop shop experience you get from other app stores. However facebook is striving to set their store apart, with a more social approach… Read the full article