Browser Based Voice Recognition With Pocketsphinx.js

My latest GreenZeta Original, HeyHilri! The World’s First Politically Inspired Digital Assistant, explores Javascript based voice recognition in the browser. When I started this project my first inclination was to use a web service. Finding a reliable service, that was affordable, was harder than I expected. Some searching led me to the project Pocketsphinx.js. Pocketsphinx… Read the full article

Making Skippy Art: HTML5 Peanut Butter Canvas

As part of the Skippy Yippee campaign I was tasked to create a web app which simulates drawing in peanut butter. In addition to a website, the campaign was set to have a duplicate experience inside of a banner ad as well as a mobile ad. HTML5 canvas was the clear choice as it was most… Read the full article

Developing for the Windows App Store

It all started when some friends suggested I port JAWS Converter over to Windows 8. “Port the Jaws converter to a windows app and get free money. you should make that happen.“ A hundred bucks for an app that’s already done? Sounded like a good idea. I read that Windows 8 apps could be… Read the full article

The Problem With Twitter Cards

I never paid much attention to Twitter Cards, the nicely formatted breakouts which accompany tweets. Most contain website details scraped from social sharing metadata. I recently found out that these cards have their own set of metadata that you can customize for Twitter. Twitter recently announced the release of a few new cards, including one… Read the full article

Measure Your World In Terms Of Sharks

Using length of the shark from the movie “JAWS” as the base unit, everything in the universe can be measured in terms of JAWS. The JAWS system was first proposed by Writer/Director/Podcaster Kevin Smith of as a superior method of visualizing distances: From Smodcast #206 (1:04:00) ‘A newlywed bride who saw her husband killed… Read the full article

The New iPad Hyperopia

According to an article from TechCrunch I read the other day, standard resolution graphics look like crap on The New iPad. This struck me as odd. Apple prides itself in visual presentation and an overwhelming number of apps would look terrible on the New Screen. I didn’t believe it at first, so when a friend… Read the full article


Paper.js aims to simplify the html5 <canvas> element, and does a really good job of it. The <canvas> element is arguably the most powerful new feature of html5, but it’s not without its problems. It lacks a straightforward drawing instruction set. Rather than laying out vector art in a simple notation, developers are forced to… Read the full article