Playing with timeline animation. Not one of my strong suits. But here’s a flyby of the Area 51 primitive.

Flickering Zeta o’ Lantern Pumpkin


I’ve been working Zeta o’ Lantern art into my #Halloween projects for a long time. This one is featured in War of the Worlds Broadcast. It has a glowing candle-lit effect using a div with a #CSS3 background transition #animation and color changed randomly with #JavaScript.  



In order to add the Tripod heat-ray effect I had to expand the Stage Hand element generation to include a child element. The beam overlays the main walk cycle and fades in and out to create the shooting effect.

Stage Hand


Moving to #CSS #animation simplifies the #JavaScript quite a bit. I threw away all of the #jQuery animation and replaced it with a class that simply adds and removes HTML elements.