New Photo Viewer


The #AR #Costume app includes the ability to take pictures, as well as download or share them. Shared photos are posted to their own page with branding and additional sharing options.

The New Website


The new #AR #Costume website is live. Go check it out!

New Test Scene


The new #AR #Costume test scene in action. The broken glass effect could use a little more definition but it’s a much better representation of the product than the current check mark.

Testing the Test Scene


I use A-Frame to test out the #AR #Costume scenes while developing them. Here you can se the new test scene that’s almost ready for production.

New Test Pattern


The #AR #Costume #website has a test marker on it so people can try out the app. The current version just displays a checkmark. I’m improving it with a smaller version of the actual experience. Since it’s meant to be tested against a computer screen, you get broken glass instead of blood.

AR.js Upgrade


#AR #Costume is based on the amazing library AR.js, created by @jerome_etienne. It’s received a lot of updates since last year so I’m testing out the latest version.

How It Works


I’m breaking the #AR #Costume website into four sequential sections, the first is titled “How it Works”. I’m keeping the video that’s on the current site but adding an #illustration to make it more apparent at first glance.