Flickering Zeta o’ Lantern Pumpkin


I’ve been working Zeta o’ Lantern art into my #Halloween projects for a long time. This one is featured in War of the Worlds Broadcast. It has a glowing candle-lit effect using a div with a #CSS3 background transition #animation and color changed randomly with #JavaScript.  

Progress Bar


To keep things interesting over a slow connection, I added a progress bar that kicks in once the audio becomes playable but the image assets aren’t fully loaded. The syringe is an inline svg.

Intro With Style


Added a glowing silhouette of the radio as an inline svg. It adds a graphic touch to the app before any actual image files load. The menu is fully interactive at this stage as well. For mobile devices that don’t auto-play, the radio becomes a button to “tune in” and trigger the stream.

Look ‘n’ Feel

The final menu style using the vintage button look. I was going to try some analog format for the clock but this works well so i kept it. The explanatory copy now expands/collapses instead of scrolling.

Vintage Buttons

I wanted to create a real mid-twentieth century look for the interface, without resorting to images. The button style is inspired by typewriter keys and glowing elevator buttons. The gold ring is a series of box-shadows. The glowing effect is a combination of background color clipped to transparent text and a text-shadow overlay.

The Road to Appiness…

In an effort to behave more app-like, the control bar at the top of the site is replaced with an action button and slide-out menu. This way I’m not struggling to find room for buttons or dealing with popups. Everything is going in the one menu.

ES6 Refactor


When I created War of the Worlds Broadcast in 2012 it was meant to be a tech demo of #HTML5 multimedia. Web development has changed quite a bit and it’s time to recreate it as a modern tech demo. HTML5 media is commonplace now, but the process and approach of building it is much more... Read the full article