The Artist


More artwork for the website footer, adding color and the final details in #Photoshop. Call him “The Artist”. This one is going in the left margin, opposite the one using a laptop. In the painting is the first character I ever made “The Giant Mutant Slug Monster”.

VR Zeta

One of the new Zetas for my website footer. You can see the original pencil sketch behind the final #illustrator line art. Each Zeta in the footer is going to represent some aspect of the work I’ve done. This one’s playing with a #VR headset.

Home Page Design


Second draft of the new home page. Cleaned up the top section and added standardized headers. I also fixed up the typesetting. The idea here is that the hero, and possibly all the featured projects, will be a 2-5 second looping video.

Background Art


A mockup of the new background concept. This builds on the current background where the sides poke out on extra wide windows. But on all screens, the new background will double as a footer to reveal a group of Zetas doing various things. All of the artwork you see here is FPO.



As part of the redesign, I’m re-designing the kind-of-working responsive background from the current site. I like to put a personal #EasterEgg into my projects when I can. I’m thinking about including a city-scape based on #Disney’s old Horizons exhibit at #Epocot. I saw this back in 1988 and that city backdrop has been burned... Read the full article

Title Screen


Some minor adjustment to the original splash image in #PhotoShop. Now it fits within the 800×600 game canvas as the official title screen.

How It Works


I’m breaking the #AR #Costume website into four sequential sections, the first is titled “How it Works”. I’m keeping the video that’s on the current site but adding an #illustration to make it more apparent at first glance.

Background Art


Spent some time in #PhotoShop adding definition to the underground base background art. Adding lighting and texture effects to make it look more subterranean.

Demo Slide


Sneak preview of my slide deck. If you followed my PWA presentation earlier this year then you’ll recognize the template. Most of this presentation is code so there won’t be a whole lot of slides.