How It Works


I’m breaking the #AR #Costume website into four sequential sections, the first is titled “How it Works”. I’m keeping the video that’s on the current site but adding an #illustration to make it more apparent at first glance.

Background Art


Spent some time in #PhotoShop adding definition to the underground base background art. Adding lighting and texture effects to make it look more subterranean.

Demo Slide


Sneak preview of my slide deck. If you followed my PWA presentation earlier this year then you’ll recognize the template. Most of this presentation is code so there won’t be a whole lot of slides.

Walk Cycle Final


I set up a scene in the phaser project to test out the walk cycle sprite sheets. This made it a lot easier to preview the final tweaks.

Gotta Have A Hat

Making some tweaks to Alpha Zeta’s walk cycle. Also giving him his hat from the splash image. Next step is to tweak this further to create Beta Zeta.