Last Year’s Content is Back!


Last year’s content is finally in the new system. The change to dialog trees made most of the old content incompatible so I had to do a lot of copy/pasting. This year I decided to simplify things a lot and am ditching The Mall all together in favor of treasure hunting throughout the house. The... Read the full article

Kill Count


Added an enemy kill count UI for some feedback. Going to play with different fonts but for now I’m going with #retro CRT.

Enemy Explosions


Added some enemy planes I found in the asset store. Eventually I’ll buy some models of F18s. The planes detect particle collisions and swap out for an explosion prefab.

Particle Beam


More experimentation with particle effects. Added a beam projection for the main weapon. The final firing sequence will be a buildup of particles around the ship followed by the beam.  

Saucer Control

Improved controls. Game play may be more free-form in the future but, for now, it’s a rails shooter. Pitch and Yaw adjust in relation to position on screen.  

Kirby Dots


Inspired by Jack Kirby, some experimentation with layered particle effects in #unity3d. This is going to be a ramp-up to the weapon fire, along the lines of the beam from the movie Independence Day.  

(not so)Rough Saucer


Put together a really rough saucer model. The surface material has smoothness and reflectivity bumped way up to add to the rendering complexity.

Tweet A Game With nano JAMMER


nano JAMMER by @CasualEffects is a fun little toy for game developers. The goal is to write an entire video game using only 280 characters of source code. The language offers a few dozen sprites, 32 color palette, and variables named as greek letters. All designed to keep the character count down. I made some... Read the full article

Adding Ball Selection


Adding ball selection to Zeta Bowling.