Check out the video of gameplay so far. Secret underground bases need lots of levels. The label over the door indicates the level number. For now, it just repeats the same level while incrementing the number.

Security Bots


Some FPO security bot sprites. When the player collides with one the game restarts for now. Thinking about adding an electrical energy field around it to zap the player on contact.

Doin’ It Again


I signed up to do another presentation to the Fredericksburg Developer Group later this year. This one will be an HTML5 game development demo using the Phaser framework. It’s going to feature a step-by-step through programming a clone of the original Mario Bros. arcade game. I call it “Zeta Bros.”

Audio Vizualizer


The pulsing radio light is a feature I always wanted in War of the Worlds Broadcast but never had a way to pull it off. That is until I found this article, which explains that you can pipe the output from an #html5 #audio element into the #WebAudioAPI. That allowed me to measure the decibel... Read the full article

Media Player Controls

The original site was supposed to feel like a live broadcast, hence no controls. With the slide out menu there’s a discrete place to put some controls so why not. The forward/rewind buttons jump 30 seconds and the skip buttons jump between acts.



In order to add the Tripod heat-ray effect I had to expand the Stage Hand element generation to include a child element. The beam overlays the main walk cycle and fades in and out to create the shooting effect.



Yes, I named my audio class SoundBlaster. Taken from my #WebAudioAPI #Angular service created for Hypertension. This adds support for the HTML audio element for streaming long clips.

ES6 Refactor


When I created War of the Worlds Broadcast in 2012 it was meant to be a tech demo of #HTML5 multimedia. Web development has changed quite a bit and it’s time to recreate it as a modern tech demo. HTML5 media is commonplace now, but the process and approach of building it is much more... Read the full article