Icon Design


Switching gears to design mode and working on an #icon #concept I’ve had in my head for a while. Sticking with the #KISS rule on this one. I’m also committing to the name “Fly Eye” instead of “Fly Vision”. I considered “Bug Eye” but it seemed a bit too common a phrase.

How It Works


I’m breaking the #AR #Costume website into four sequential sections, the first is titled “How it Works”. I’m keeping the video that’s on the current site but adding an #illustration to make it more apparent at first glance.

Security Bot Art


Final artwork for the security robots that Alpha Zeta will have to defeat. Yes, I ripped off the homicidal robots from Chopping Mall. Have a nice day! I’ll be turning this into a really simple #spritesheet with a 2 step walk cycle and a simple smashed animation.

Walk Cycle Final


I set up a scene in the phaser project to test out the walk cycle sprite sheets. This made it a lot easier to preview the final tweaks.

Gotta Have A Hat

Making some tweaks to Alpha Zeta’s walk cycle. Also giving him his hat from the splash image. Next step is to tweak this further to create Beta Zeta.