PWA Features


Adding some #PWA goodness to the app. The web manifest with icons and a simple #ServiceWorker with cache fallback strategy.

Putting It Together


The Fly Eye app is nearly complete. Just a few more finishing touches. Tapping the “Try It” button pops up the app panel with camera selection, followed by the Fly Eye.



#HTML layout for the Fly Eye front page. All that’s left is to integrate the prototype app.

New Test Scene


The new #AR #Costume test scene in action. The broken glass effect could use a little more definition but it’s a much better representation of the product than the current check mark.

AR.js Upgrade


#AR #Costume is based on the amazing library AR.js, created by @jerome_etienne. It’s received a lot of updates since last year so I’m testing out the latest version.

High Res


After writing the spiral image normalization algorithm I promptly forgot how I did it. I then had to re-teach myself to update for double the resolution. My math totally broke down on the final iterations. I had to brute-force parts of this version but now it accepts a 33px image. If you’re wondering why it’s... Read the full article

Code Refactor


Setting up the official project repo and doing A LOT of #JavaScript #refactoring. Not much has changed functionally but the code us MUCH more manageable.

Camera Integration


Set up a simple camera selection and hooked it up to the <video> element with getUserMedia(). It’s still a little low resolution but walking around you can see the changes in color as expected.

Video Test

Trying a video stream as the image source and it’s working perfectly. Wiring this up to a camera at this point is trivial!

Color Averaging

As the image data reaches out to the edges, the #WebGL sphere still retains the same number of facets for each iteration of the spiral. So each iteration is averaged out to produce the same number of pixels. Right now the image is flipped and rotated slightly but it’s very close to the result I... Read the full article