A New Focus


GreenZeta.com is getting a major overhaul with a new focus on Projects and Articles. Part of this is an all new #WordPress #theme that will be a public project on GitHub.

Wrapping Up


At this point the game is a suitable demonstration of the #tilemap and #plugin features of #Phaser. The #JavaScript code is all cleaned up with lots of comments and all the console.log statements removed.

Health Meter


Building on the character collision handling in #Phaser. A Zelda style heart meter is added to the top right corner and tied to the player character’s `hp` property. When the player’s hp reaches 0, a Game Over scene is loaded.

Lab Tour


A look at the completed Lab 2 scene. A hidden script layer in #Tiled provides collision borders and a key name. Appropriate text is stored in a #JavaScript object and displayed via the dialog plugin in the #Phaser game.

Security Patrol


Putting the patrol function to work with the security dude at a more appropriate post in the secret lab.



Game characters now have a path property that’s set to an array of coordinates. When set, a patrol method is called on update that automatically moves the character one step closer to the next coordinate in the array. I also added a red flash to indicate a collision.

Security Dude


I wanted to throw another character in so I stole some more sprites from the Tuxemon project. This white shirt black hat guy looked like a security goon to me. I set the frame rate too high so he’s doing his best Flash impression.

Scripted Dialog


Added a simple script system for dialog. An object layer in the #Tiled map defines interactive locations by assigning a key. The collision detector in the #Phaser game looks for the key in a script object and displays associated text. Space bar cancels the dialog box.

Dialog Box


Created a character dialog plugin using this tutorial. The one in this project is updated to take advantage of the new plugin architecture in #Phaser and written as an #ES6 class.

Touring The Lab


Moved all of the maps into the #Phaser project and wired them together with “portal” tiles which reference a new game scene. This allows the player to pass from scene to scene while walking around the world.