I wanted to go with a lighter weight slider library than the one I’m currently using. I chose SwiperJS because it’s lightweight, mobile friendly, and offered the customizations I needed. Videos are now integrated into the screenshot slider, a feature I’ve been meaning to add for a long time.

Portfolio Filters


The new portfolio filter buttons use a combination of page anchors and #javascript to eliminate page refreshing. The buttons operate as a toggle, clicking a second time removes the filter.

Mobile Sidebar


Rather than try to stack the sidebar content like the old site, I opted for a slide-out version. This gives me more freedom to add content without worrying about the overall layout. The mobile sidebar sizes to the screen and scrolls overflow content.

Mobile Menu


One of the goals for the new site is to use as few #WordPress plugins as possible. The current site uses the very capable Responsive Menu plugin for its mobile menu. However the underscores starter template I’m using includes a mobile menu. With a little #css I’m able to get the same result.

A New Focus


GreenZeta.com is getting a major overhaul with a new focus on Projects and Articles. Part of this is an all new #WordPress #theme that will be a public project on GitHub.

Wrapping Up


At this point the game is a suitable demonstration of the #tilemap and #plugin features of #Phaser. The #JavaScript code is all cleaned up with lots of comments and all the console.log statements removed.

Health Meter


Building on the character collision handling in #Phaser. A Zelda style heart meter is added to the top right corner and tied to the player character’s `hp` property. When the player’s hp reaches 0, a Game Over scene is loaded.

Lab Tour


A look at the completed Lab 2 scene. A hidden script layer in #Tiled provides collision borders and a key name. Appropriate text is stored in a #JavaScript object and displayed via the dialog plugin in the #Phaser game.

Security Patrol


Putting the patrol function to work with the security dude at a more appropriate post in the secret lab.



Game characters now have a path property that’s set to an array of coordinates. When set, a patrol method is called on update that automatically moves the character one step closer to the next coordinate in the array. I also added a red flash to indicate a collision.