Level Refactor


Added “level” objects that extend the base GameScene object. The createPlatform and spawnBot methods are overridden to customize each level. I prefer this method to a config object because it lets me customize every aspect of the level if needed. Check out the video to see the 2 example levels.

Game Over Man!


Recycling the background and the font and, Viola, we have instant end-game scene. Right now it’s serving double-time as both a winning and losing screen.

Intro Scene


Added an intro scene with the splash image I made a few weeks ago. It’ll need a “Start” button but for now just click anywhere.



Check out the video of gameplay so far. Secret underground bases need lots of levels. The label over the door indicates the level number. For now, it just repeats the same level while incrementing the number.

Security Bots


Some FPO security bot sprites. When the player collides with one the game restarts for now. Thinking about adding an electrical energy field around it to zap the player on contact.

Rough Draft


A first pass at the game with (mostly) FPO graphics. The idea is you’re escaping through the underground levels at Area 51, or perhaps that base in Dulce. You run around pressing switches on the wall which open the elevator door to the next level.

Doin’ It Again


I signed up to do another presentation to the Fredericksburg Developer Group later this year. This one will be an HTML5 game development demo using the Phaser framework. It’s going to feature a step-by-step through programming a clone of the original Mario Bros. arcade game. I call it “Zeta Bros.”