Sound Effects


More experimentation with the #WebAudio support in #Phaser. I’m not much of a sound designer so all of these clips are taken from

Intro Animation

Using #Phaser tween animation and #WebAudio events to add some life to the splash screen.

Media Player Controls


The original site was supposed to feel like a live broadcast, hence no controls. With the slide out menu there’s a discrete place to put some controls so why not. The forward/rewind buttons jump 30 seconds and the skip buttons jump between acts.

ES6 Refactor


When I created War of the Worlds Broadcast in 2012 it was meant to be a tech demo of #HTML5 multimedia. Web development has changed quite a bit and it’s time to recreate it as a modern tech demo. HTML5 media is commonplace now, but the process and approach of building it is much more... Read the full article