Mobile Menu


One of the goals for the new site is to use as few #WordPress plugins as possible. The current site uses the very capable Responsive Menu plugin for its mobile menu. However the underscores starter template I’m using includes a mobile menu. With a little #css I’m able to get the same result.

Project Page

The new project page is designed to be multi-functional. At its core, it’s simply a listing of update posts. For finished projects it will support additional elements (screenshot carousel, videos, etc.).

Project Listing

The new project listing builds on the portfolio layout. All of the sections of the current site where created at different times so there’s a lot of inconsistency. By re-using templates I can cut down on dev time and connect the sections visually.

Final Background/Footer


The complete footer/background with final artwork. I made a few tweaks at the end to get the file sizes down. The hexagons are now 2 separate patterns that repeat vertically. All of the zetas are compressed as PNG8 with a light grey matte so any haloing blends into the background. The whole thing totals ~130k,... Read the full article


The final #illustrator artwork for the zeta city. I’ve broken it into left and right panels which will overlap and slide apart to accomodate the screen size. The blue guideline indicates the rough position of the foreground, everything below that line will be removed in #PhotoShop to help with image compression.

The Artist


More artwork for the website footer, adding color and the final details in #Photoshop. Call him “The Artist”. This one is going in the left margin, opposite the one using a laptop. In the painting is the first character I ever made “The Giant Mutant Slug Monster”.

New Portfolio

I took a stab at styling the portfolio page to match the look and feel of my home page comp. I still have to optimize the images and add mobile breakpoints but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Home Page Design


Second draft of the new home page. Cleaned up the top section and added standardized headers. I also fixed up the typesetting. The idea here is that the hero, and possibly all the featured projects, will be a 2-5 second looping video.

About Page


The new About page looks pretty close to the old one. The new layout uses flexbox with a fixed width side bar. This template will be used across all post pages throughout the new site.

Background Test

At this point the responsive background is functionally complete. FPO artwork leaves a good impression of what the final will look like. This allows me to lay out the rest of the pages while making sure they work visually in context of the background.