Zeta Bros.

JavaScript, Canvas, Phaser

Demonstration of HTML5 game development using the Phaser framework for the Fredericksburg Developer Group scheduled for Sep 10th, 2019.

GZ Playground

Web experiments and other fun stuff

Xmas Eve Nightmare

Angular / Firebase / Material Design

An on-going interactive fiction project started in 2016 and worked on only at the year's end. It uses a custom story engine called Flux. Its current incarnation involves saving your family from a Christmas without presents while trapped in a blizzard.

Attack Area 51!

Unity / WebGL

An experiment in pushing the limits of Unity driven WebGL. Rescue your extraterrestrial friends trapped at the infamous Area 51.

War of the Worlds Broadcast

ES6, HTML5 Audio, CSS Animation

Relive the night of October 30th 1938, when martians were real. Demo site featuring ES6, HTML5 Audio, CSS Animation and Invaders from outer space.


TensorFlow.js / Vue.js / CSS3

An experiment in Machine Learning with TensorFlow.js and reactive design with Vue.js. Colony lets you train a colony of ants to survive and thrive in their environment.


ES6, Synaptic.js / CSS Animation / WebAudio

An experiment in machine learning. Swat the fly by swiping toward it. Each generation of fly is trained with the data from the previous. Eventually the fly will learn to evade death.


Angular / WebAudio / CSS Animation

An experiment in the MEAN stack. Hypertension is a word association game presented in HTML 5 using CSS animation and WebAudio API.

Zeta Burger


An HTML5 game developed with Unity. Ever wonder why Zetas are so interested in cows? It's because hamburgers are the one universal delicacy. Don your delivery hat and hop in your parent's saucer to start your job in burger delivery.


Angular / Ionic / Firebase

A Shopping List App built with the Angular and Ionic frameworks. Listimate uses a powerful algorithm known as "rounding up" to ensure you remain under budget.

Zeta Bowling


An experiment in WebGL using Unity3D. Try a game of intergalactic bowling against a decuplet of Zetas.