Turkey Volume Guessing App

Using the size of an average turkey as a base unit, any space can be defined in terms of how many turkeys will fill it. The Turkey Volume system is best used for measuring enclosed spaces, such as the size of your turkey storage freezer. Turkey Volume Guessing App brings the system of turkey volume into the 21st century with unparalleled accuracy.

The Turkey Volume system was first proposed in the television series Mystery Science Theater 3000 as a superior method of measuring volume. Though actual turkeys may vary greatly in size, the Turkey Volume system is based on a standard roughly equivalent to 1.5 cubic feet (0.04 cubic meters). In the past, the process of turkey volume measurement has been messy and prone to salmonella infection. This led to the development of turkey volume guessing as a knee-jerk solution to safe measurement. Simply guessing the number of turkeys that would fill a space proved to be grossly inaccurate and left the measurement system in a state of flux.

Turkey Volume Guessing App uses modern technology to bring survey grade accuracy never before seen in the field. Simply use the app to snap a picture of the space you wish to measure. Then use the software caliper to outline the space. The app then calculates the precise number of turkeys required to fill that space. The results are graphically mapped on your photo and may be uploaded to the web for easy sharing.