The Prize Inside

February 2014

The Prize Inside is all about kids meal prizes. Use the app to see what prizes are available and find the closest restaurant. Also use the app to turn your prize into artwork! Share it in the gallery and on social networks. Choose your fast food by The Prize Inside.

The app features prize listings for multiple fast food chains. Tap the prize to find the closest location. While you’re there, turn your prize into artwork! Photograph your prize in interesting situations. Add emoji speech balloons and props. When you’re done, artwork is posted to to be featured on the home page, and shared on social networks.

The Prize Inside does collect anonymous usage statistics. GPS data is collected anonymously and only used to gather information on restaurants. At no time will The Prize Inside app collect any personally identifiable information unless deliberately posted as part of your artwork. All artwork created with the app is subject to posting on and may be used for promotional purposes. Only information you post is published on the web. If you wish to remain anonymous, do not include images of yourself in any artwork you create with the app.