GreenZeta WordPress Theme

Overhaul of for 2020!

Overhaul of for 2020! A brand new WordPress theme built from scratch. New content. And a focus on projects and articles over portfolio.

The Artist


More artwork for the website footer, adding color and the final details in #Photoshop. Call him “The Artist”. This one is going in the left margin, opposite the one using a laptop. In the painting is the first character I ever made “The Giant Mutant Slug Monster”.

New Portfolio

I took a stab at styling the portfolio page to match the look and feel of my home page comp. I still have to optimize the images and add mobile breakpoints but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

The Legend of Zeta

Presentation on HTML5 game development.

Demonstration on HTML5 game development using tile maps with the Phaser framework.

Wrapping Up


At this point the game is a suitable demonstration of the #tilemap and #plugin features of #Phaser. The #JavaScript code is all cleaned up with lots of comments and all the console.log statements removed.

Title Screen


Some minor adjustment to the original splash image in #PhotoShop. Now it fits within the 800×600 game canvas as the official title screen.

Fly Eye

A Bug's Eye View From Your Browser

Experimentation in real-time pixel manipulation from a live camera feed with integration into a WebGL 3D canvas.

PWA Features


Adding some #PWA goodness to the app. The web manifest with icons and a simple #ServiceWorker with cache fallback strategy.

Putting It Together


The Fly Eye app is nearly complete. Just a few more finishing touches. Tapping the “Try It” button pops up the app panel with camera selection, followed by the Fly Eye.

AR Costume

An augmented reality progressive web app.

An augmented reality progressive web app. Uses a target printed on a t-shirt to create a virtual costume viewable with any smartphone.

New Photo Viewer


The #AR #Costume app includes the ability to take pictures, as well as download or share them. Shared photos are posted to their own page with branding and additional sharing options.

The New Website


The new #AR #Costume website is live. Go check it out!

GZ Playground

Web experiments and other fun stuff

Web experiments and other fun stuff

HTML5 Game Development with Phaser


From my #presentation to the Fredericksburg Developer Group: HTML5 Game Development with Phaser. If you couldn’t make it, check out the slides below. And the source for the game Zeta Bros. is on Github.  

Webpack Boilerplate


The GreenZeta Webpack Boilerplate is a merging of the existing webpack boilerplate and PWA features from my 10 Minute PWA demo.

Zeta Bros.

Presentation on HTML5 game development.

A clone of the arcade classic Mario Bros. Created for my presentation on HTML5 game development with the Phaser framework. Check it out live at the Fredericksburg Developer Group on Sep 10th, 2019.

Complete Game Demo


Got the #Phaser game all buttoned up for the presentation. Added character selection to the main screen, some extra sound effects and more tweaks to the animation. Follow the links to take it out for a spin and then take a look through the #JavaScript on GitHub.

Game Portfolio


Some production games I’ve worked on dating back to my #Flash days. I made the transition to #JavaScript around 2005. Just in time for the guy from the fruit company to kill Flash.

Xmas Eve Nightmare

Interactive fiction built with the Angular framework

An on-going interactive fiction project started in 2016 and worked on only at the year's end. It uses a custom story engine called Flux. Its current incarnation involves saving your family from a Christmas without presents while trapped in a blizzard.

2018 Edition


Just in time for #ChristmasEve the 2018 version of Xmas Eve Nightmare is done. This is the first year it has a complete story, albeit a short story, with an ending. It also has all new cover art to fit the new story.

PWA Action


Happy #Festivus! For my feats of strength I’m giving Xmas Eve Nightmare #PWA powers. It doesn’t have offline support yet but the layout is all cleaned up and it prompts for install on #mobile.

Attack Area 51!

WebGL experiment using Unity

An experiment in pushing the limits of Unity driven WebGL. Rescue your extraterrestrial friends trapped at the infamous Area 51.



Playing with timeline animation. Not one of my strong suits. But here’s a flyby of the Area 51 primitive.

Base Model


A really rough sketch of the base with the main buildings, runways and some of the taxiways. The saucer is in view for reference.

War of the Worlds Broadcast

Demo site featuring ES6, HTML5 Audio, CSS Animation and Invaders from outer space.

Relive the night of October 30th 1938, when martians were real. Demo site featuring ES6, HTML5 Audio, CSS Animation and Invaders from outer space.

Final QA


Did a final round of #QA for War of the Worlds Broadcast. Lots of minor fixes and tweaks. Adjustments to the layout for really narrow phones in portrait orientation. Almost forgot to install ssl on the site :).

Zeta o’ Lantern

Wanted to give the site an extra #halloween touch. I’ve been working the Zeta o’ Lantern into my blogs for a long time. This one features a glowing candle-lit effect using a div with a #css background transition and color changed randomly with #JavaScript


Train a neural network to evade death! An experiment in synaptic.js

An experiment in machine learning. Swat the fly by swiping toward it. Each generation of fly is trained with the data from the previous. Eventually the fly will learn to evade death.

Finishing Touches


Added some wallpaper to the background and an instructional graphic that illustrates how to swipe. A pre-loader now caches all the image and sound assets before displaying the fly. To finish it off, I added an info button to explain the app, and a GreenZeta badge at the bottom.

Art Improvements


Lots of improvements to the artwork. The new hairy appearance is added to the fly head. When training, the thought bubble is replaced with a blackboard. It now shows which directional data has been added to the training set. I also added a mortarboard to the head, just for fun.


A word association game using CSS animation and WebAudio API

An experiment in the MEAN stack. Hypertension is a word association game presented in HTML 5 using CSS animation and WebAudio API.

End Screen


Added a tentative game-over screen. Playing around with 3d transforms, not sure exactly where I’m going with the design but the “lifetime” value will be used in the final version.

More Sound


Added some (final?) sound assets to the webaudio service. I was a little concerned that the javascript audio triggers wouldn’t align with the timing of the CSS animation but it seems to be working well.

Zeta Burger

Burger delivery game built in Unity

An HTML5 game developed with Unity. Ever wonder why Zetas are so interested in cows? It's because hamburgers are the one universal delicacy. Don your delivery hat and hop in your parent's saucer to start your job in burger delivery.

Splash Sketch


Sketching out possible splash/intro screen artwork. I got the idea of Alpha Zeta driving around in a cartoonishly small ship a while ago. Finally committing it to paper.

Crumple Zone


Added the crumple animation to the ship prefab and tweaked the gravity a bit more. Also turned on rotation on collision so the ball spins around.


A shopping list Progressive Web App built with the Ionic framework

A Shopping List App built with the Angular and Ionic frameworks. Listimate uses a powerful algorithm known as "rounding up" to ensure you remain under budget.



Made some UI tweaks. Put the list inside an ion-scroll component to make the total & new item panels fixed to the top. Moved the pin/unpin button to the left side, closer to its icon. Also fixed the list sorting directive that prevented some checked items from moving to the end of the list.

Progressive Web App


Not quite a PWA, but almost. Using the service worker that comes with ionic to trigger the PWA install dialog in mobile Chrome. Offline still isn’t working quite right. It caches the files, aggressively, but still requires an initial connection to start after the install.

Zeta Bowling

A game of intergalactic bowling presented in Unity WebGL

An experiment in WebGL using Unity3D. Try a game of intergalactic bowling against a decuplet of Zetas.

Ball Selection


In addition to the Earth ball, you can now select Mars, Jupiter or Sol. Weights are 8, 12 and 16 pounds respectively.

Adding Ball Selection


Adding ball selection to Zeta Bowling.